Monday, March 5, 2007

Mon petit pamplemousse.

He would wake me up every morning to "good morning sunshine"...mostly because "sunshine" is the last thing I am in the morning. But I really loved it. He also used to call me "my little grapefruit" in french, and that would get me too. Now, he just says "hey bitch".

And, I'm ok with that.

Sometimes I miss the loud snoring at 2am. I think its because I got to release some aggression when I would beat the crap out of him to make him stop. For whatever reason, even though I like my space, I prefer not to wake up alone.


Karen said...

I think we're all fearful of being alone. We all strive for some sort of companionship, weather it be from friends or family.

That drive also makes us blind , keeping us in undesirable situations because we desperately need someone to keep us company.

Isabel said...

I must be weird---I like waking up alone now more than I ever did. I hated it growing up but now I like having some me time. Then again---I have him all around me the rest of the damn time.