Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Help Wanted:

I'm currently looking for someone to run damage control over my life. Someone to screen my phone calls, emails, IMs, and most recently text messages for embarrassing content and correct recipients. On a weekly basis its reinforced that me communicating with the public, is just NOT a good idea in general. An even worse one when I'm drunk, but that's another story entirely. This weeks social blunder included this gem:

A text message to my ex stating the following: I told him I was hormonal, hemorrhaging, I had a thing for a Justin Timberlake song, that I owned some Britney Spears, and I was incredibly turned on by Ryan Secrests purple silk tie tonight on American Idol. (what am I 16??)

As if that wasn't randomly embarrassing enough, the text was not even supposed to go to him, but rather to a friend in an attempt at some ill fated humor.

I'm sure to be getting a phone call tonight telling me, "You know there is a list of reasons why we broke up, and EVERYTHING on that text is definitely on that list".


Alea said...

I think you have quite a big thing for JT's song as much as you talk about it :)

Isabel said...

And Britney. You mention her at least once a week. lol

Here I was catching up on AI last night in bed and all I could notice when Ryan Seacrest was talking was his purple tie woman!