Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Insert the chorus of Handels Messiah here....

When I become rich....and when I say "when" I'm really saying "never".....I am going to invest in the shower of my dreams. It's going to be as big as the entire bathroom I have now. I'm putting a lounge chair inside that shit, and a shelf that will suffice as a place to put the vodka. It's going to have amazing showerheads, and quite possibly a tv. And then, every time I so desire, or when that time of the month rolls around I'm going to live in there. And when I come out, the maid will have put clean silk sheets on the bed and a chocolate on my pillow. And by the "maid" I mean whatever male I am choosing to spend my life with at that moment.

Also, I will never be out of ketchup.

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Isabel said...

Was this inspired by Samantha Brown and The Travel Channel? lol You need a glass flat panel tv that sits in front of your gold tub. :)

I really like those huge "sunflower" shower heads that come out of the middle of the ceiling.