Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Dear Stomach: Please Stop.

I've decided I am not a fan of waking up on the bathroom floor. Which is where I spent most of the day today because I was scared to be more than 6 inches from the toilet at all times. Next time, I'm going to opt for a bucket next to my bed. At least then my back won't be as angry when I wake up. I finally ate around 11pm tonight, apparently my stomach decided it could handle a meal of oatmeal and green beans. All in all it was a successful meal, seeing as I haven't seen it twice yet.

This weekend I learned just how manipulative my two brothers are. We were all in the car on Sunday night, and as what I am told is an everyday occurrence, they start wailing on each other in the car. Mom gets tired of it, yells at them to stop, several times, and after a while, Jordan decides to give it a rest (I think the threat of not getting Outback for dinner really worked....because men really do value their meat and potatoes). Zach however had other ideas. He starts hitting himself and whining "Jordan, MOM TOLD YOU TO STOP!" I nearly died trying to contain my laughter. The lengths these two will go to get the other one in trouble is beyond my comprehension.

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