Monday, May 7, 2007

Dear 1985: Stay Dead

Heaven knows I love the 80's like none other. Ask my ipod. It'll tell you. But this has been bugging me. Something that should have died with the 80's and STAYED there is the fashion. The pants underneath skirt deal (yes, leggings are in this category too)....should NOT have been resurrected. The layered "Bag Lady" look (think crazy girl from the Breakfast Club), should not be seen out in public as a cool fashion statement. And today, I saw no less than 3 side ponytails roaming the streets. How come no one told me they were back?

The point I am making is: Please Stop. My childhood thanks you.


Isabel said...

I never liked stuff under skirts for fashion. I still don't.
Funny you said all this because Anna and I were just gabbing about some of this Sunday. "Even if it's called fashion or trendy doesn't mean it looks good". lol

Isabel said...

Did the side ponytails have scrunchies holding them up? :)