Wednesday, May 9, 2007

A brief moment of lucidity.

[10:32] ashglunk13: [10:31] K: guys are dumb.. aren't they? :)
[10:31] ashglunk13: ya'll are retards
[10:31] ashglunk13: its more like they have their own brand of manipulation, different from women
[10:32] ashglunk13: based on feigned ignorance, rather than calculated emotional response.

[10:33] cvandaniker: haha....i love it
[10:34] ashglunk13: i thought you would like that description. i was rather proud of the fact if came out of my mouth
[10:34] cvandaniker: i am too
[10:34] ashglunk13: unfortunately.......this proves i am capable of forming coherent thought before noon
[10:35] ashglunk13: thus negating my argument that i should be allowed to sleep till noon everyday

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Lia said...

Hey!! Thanks for commenting on my blog. I must say I also like Vodka and bath soap. Not neccesarily together; although a bubble bath and a Martini ain't bad!

Please share any interesting restaurant bathrooms with me!

Lavatory Lady