Tuesday, May 15, 2007

The dangers of insomnia.

It's 3 am, and I've yet to wear myself out.

Today I:

1. Discussed my phobia of making phone calls with my therapist. I'm pretty sure I stumped her with my aversion to it, and the lengths I will go to in order NOT to make calls.
2. Took a walk
3. Cleaned my room. It no longer looks like a bomb went off. Not to worry though, it still looks as ghetto as always. I think I put the vacuum cleaner into shock though with all the mess. It actually made noises that I think translated into a bitch fest over it.
4. Detail cleaned the bathroom. I actually got on my hands and knees and scrubbed the floor and shower!
5. Re synced my Ipod, and the iTunes on my phone. New jammin' playlist for me!
6. Sang along to the entire 10th Anniversary Cast recording of Les Miserables.
7. Sorted all my socks. When I managed to acquire so many matchless socks is beyond me. Even my new ones suddenly have partners missing. GRR.
8. Sent an insane amount of texts. I gotta get that under control.
9. Left a shitload of presents for the trash man tomorrow on the curb.

Things I did not do today:

1. Drink. See what happens when I'm sober? I act like I've injected my veins with crystal meth.
2. Make those damned phone calls I'm so phobic about.
3. Get a job. Would someone employ me PLEASE? I'm running out of domestic things to do.

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