Thursday, April 26, 2007

Not that he ever takes my advice anyway....

My father has been having computer issues. Let me correct that to say he ALWAYS has computer issues. And he NEVER trusts me to fix them right, even though I prove over and over I know my shit. Last night was no exception. I came through, and he turned around and question everything I did. In the form of calling up someone else and giving them the blow by blow account of the issue, that had most definitely already been resolved. I walked out. I'm done giving him advice. His computer can stay broken for all I care anymore.

However this morning he starts asking me computer related questions AGAIN. In an effort to just get the conversation over with I responded:

"Buy a mac."

"Don't macs run off Windows too?"

"Uh, no dad, totally different OS"

"But you still get to things on the computer by clicking around onto little pictures right?"

"You mean icons?"

"No, I mean those little pictures on the desktop put your mouse over them and click."

I give up. Tech support work is DEFINITELY not for me.


vermontchickie said...
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vermontchickie said...

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