Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Insert various Billy Joel lyics here.....

Is change good? I think it's highly subject to interpretation. It's pretty accurate to say I've had more going on my life in the past month than I've been used to. It seems that every once in a while I snap and that party girl that rears her head every so often comes out. It's kinda like an outlet for me in a sense, to finally let loose for a while. I let loose and then I get a grip after a while. I've found that in the long run, I don't have many regrets, because I always emerge from things with a new perspective on life. My life is highly based on experience, and stupid or not, I can't take some things back.

Some things don't change though. I've sorta fallen short on a couple things lately, but it has nothing to do to with people in general. It's more about me trying to find my balance once again. The story of my life right?

The internet can be your best friend, or it can make you realize how distant you are from those you care for the most.

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