Tuesday, July 24, 2007

It's true. I haven't died.

My new job comes with a desk, phone, computer and a gas mask. Because thats how we roll at the Pentagon.

On my first day they evacuated the place. Nice introduction huh? Since then I've done a lot of standing in lines for fingerprinting, ID's and passwords. Also a lot of telling people "I'm new so I have no idea what you are talking about." And this whole referring to everyone by their last name thing because everyone is military-- annoying. Mostly because I can barely pronounce the names to begin with. Let alone remember rank. For every single branch.

It's not bad overall though. Everyone I work with is friendly. I just need to fake liking people more or something. Seeing as its my job to take care of them and stuff. I'm lucky enough to have someone thats been keeping me from not being so overwhelmed though, by listening to me babble my entire lunch hour, or while standing in line. Things like that make them pretty awesome.

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vermontchickie said...

Man, and I thought just having an id badge that opens doors with a *beep* was cool.